The post that wouldn’t (so you get another hockey finisher)

So I have tried twice to post an article about the game-changing, mind-shifting techniques I learned for improving mobility last weekend during a 16 hour course near Toronto.  The entire course was just about mobility training.  The first time I typed it on my iPad, then when I tried to add a photo to it, 75% of the post got erased (and no the picture did not post either), then I saved the 25% to my Notepad, but it has not sync’d with my MacBook – – – you get the idea, boy do I suffer (kidding :))

So I am down, but not out.  I will try to get that post up soon, but in the meantime I want to share a quick insight and another finisher.  This one I created for the skaters, but it won’t kill you to do if you are a goalie.

The Insight…


The view from the ferry on the way to Vancouver Island today.

So I was in North Vancouver yesterday to attend the Dan John seminar (big time strength coach) that my friend Rick Kaselj organized.  Why would I take the time and spend the money to fly across the country to attend a seminar?  If you wanna be the best, you’ve gotta learn from the best.  Will I do everything Dan suggested?  Nope.  But did I learn some things that will help me get better results for my athletes?  Oh yeah!

But anyway, I am now out on the beautiful Vancouver Island to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live here.  My Uncle Tom is my Dad’s only brother; my only Uncle.  Since they have always lived in the west and we have always lived in Ontario, it is always special to see them and since losing my Dad suddenly two years ago this summer, I feel it is even more important to stay in touch.

That is not my insight though.  My insight is this – before I headed down to the guest room for bed (and to post this article) I told them that I might get up a little early to go running and asked about a route, etc.  Then as I was on the computer checking my email, etc. I thought for a second that maybe I would just do this post tomorrow morning when I got up instead of going running – but then I was stopped in my tracks….I already told them I was going to run, I can’t back out now!

So the insight is this – tell someone about the workout you are going to do tomorrow or the new flexibility routine that you are going to do three days per week or how you are going to shoot 100 pucks every night.  Just doing that is enough to help you get started and keep you going.

Off-Ice Hockey Training Finisher (for skaters)

Just like the last videos, this one has all of the reps and instructions right in the video.  If you do not have an agility ladder, don’t let that stop you.  Just do the drill on the spot, draw one out with sidewalk chalk or make one out of masking tape.

Happy training!Cheers,

PS – I will try to get that mobility post up in the next two days.