The Next Big Thing In Goalie Development

Although I could not attend the Network Goaltending Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend and also had to pull the chute on sticking around for the NHL Goalie camp afterward (still trying to iron out the details of crossing the border to share my expertise), I did send along my presentations in video format AND I got to see the results of the NetTalks.

The NetTalks are when everyone is split into groups to discuss a specific topic and then the responses are assembled on a huge stickie note and posted for all to see and consider. It is like a brainstorming session.

So I was excited to see the responses to the question “What is the Next Big Thing?” in goalie development. The responses that stuck out to me were:

Vision training – – will talk about this later in the week
• A return to more athletic goalies – maybe smaller
More analytics and… wait for it…

>> Specific off-ice training for goalies!

I was both excited and disappointed.

“Like HEL-LOOOO! What the heck do you think I have devoted the last 8 years of my life doing??”

But it reinforces two things:

1) You are the 5%’ers – the ones who are not satisfied to sit and wait for it to come to you, the ones who are making things happen. Good on ya! That’s why I love you (and I do).
2) There is still tons of work to do and I have to do a better job of spreading the word.

So it looks like we both have work to do, because I want to keep getting emails like this from you:

Hi Maria,

Just wanted to let you know that I have committed to Miami of Ohio for the next 4 years.

Thanks again for everything!

And I am pretty sure that you would like to be writing one like that one of these days.

Or one like this…

I just wanted to say thank you to you for your program and for being my coach.  I went into the net last Friday for stick time after not playing for 9 months.  I have been working on Stability first as your program suggested.  So for 40 minutes straight I was able to record a shutout which is unheard of in stick time.  I don’t believe in the last 19 years I have done that and I started at 35 and I am now 54 years old.  Thank you so much for helping me get back to a game I love to play.  I am looking forward to getting stronger, faster and being able to have the stamina to last more than 40 minutes.

Or even this one from a self-confessed former ‘meat-head :)’ – – and you shoulda seen the picture – Wow!

Have not done a leg machine or back squats only RRGT 2.0

Won me Mr. Legs at the Iowa State Fair

Okay – let’s go make some dreams come true!


PS – a big part of your success this season will revolve around how you manage your off-ice training.  You have to be like Goldilocks, not too much, not too little, you’ve gotta get it just right.  Here are the 3 Steps to help you gain momentum as the season progresses.