The MS3 Method Explained…

hockey goalie core training

I was telling you about the puzzle that Paul and I worked on last week. I found working on the puzzle was a perfect metaphor for achieving your goaltending potential (or any other big goal). In case you missed it, here it is.

I mentioned the MS3 Method I created to guide your development from where you are now, to where you actually deserve to play. Too many of you are playing 1-2 levels beneath your potential and you don’t even realize it.

So here are the parts of the puzzle (and the parts of the MS3 Method):

ms3-method-imageMobility – this is your flexibility and stability, think of this as the border pieces that start to give you puzzle shape. You work on this first because it makes it easier for you to frame the work and guide you where to go next.

Strength – is the big blocks that really move the project forward. The doors, windows and signs in a puzzle that are distinctive and with a bit of work really transform the look.

Speed – it is more detail oriented and you need the bigger blocks in place before you can work these into place. It is like adding in the landscaping and the faces on the people. If you tried to start with those, you would be wasting so much time trying to force pieces into place.  This is where so many goalies mess up BIG time and use ‘speed training’ strategies that actually make them slower.

Stamina – is actually fairly easy (tiring for you, but easy) once you have the rest of the pieces in place. You just slot them in and voila, it all comes together, but there is no way you could have fit those pieces in on our own.

Just like when you are working on a puzzle, you will find this crucial piece of detail that fits right in with that border section. There will be overlap, there has to be, but this is the general progression of the MS3 Method.

If you want more detail, I am going to walk a bunch of the goalies on my email list through the steps to help them avoid what I call the “Failure Formula” that I see dozens of goalies follow (the same goalies who are playing 1-2 levels below their potential without even realizing it).

I am doing this as a Live Coaching Call, you are more than welcome to join.  Here are the details:

Cost: FREE >> Click HERE << for all the details and to register.

Yes, you must be registered to attend.  If you miss the live call, don’t worry, I will send you the replay link.  If you are not registered for the call, you will not receive the replay link.

Talk with you then.