The Mobility Video & Tales From Costco

So the Leafs did not quite have the return to the play-offs that most of us were hoping for, but that this why it is a 7-game series I guess.  Anyone out there think they can still pull it out?

Before I post the video that goes along with the flexibility for hockey post from the other day – you can see it HERE – I want to tell you about a funny thing that happened on the way to the airport.

So I was my way to the airport in my little rent-a-car (it could fit in your pocket) and I realized I was going to be extremely, extremely early as I was driving past the Costco in Richmond, BC.  So I thought, hmmmm – maybe the Costco in BC has some really cool, awesome workout/outdoorsy clothing that you cannot get at Costco in London, Ontario.

So in I wheeled.  I was perusing the exact same surf shorts, skorts, etc. that I can get at home where I heard someone say – “Maria!”

So I wheeled around and saw a smiling face walking toward me – the face looked familiar (and they were smiling) so I figured it was someone I knew but could not place the face.  So what did I say, well the phrase “Hey, what the hell?!” just kind of popped out of my mouth.  Weird eh?

Then the guy said – ‘you don’t know me’ – I was relieved, but also a little horrified that I just said ‘what the hell?’ to a perfect stranger.  Sorry 🙂

Anyway, it was Nick who is one of you…one of the insiders who saw me cruising Costco and just came over to say ‘Hi’.  We had a nice chat and then I headed off to the airport.  Great to meet you Nick.

I love meeting you guys in person, so please if you ever see me cruising your Costco or Chapters or Starbucks – – please, please come on over and say ‘Hi’.  I might greet you with an enthusiastic ‘what the hell?!’ – but that is just my confused way of saying – I am happy to see you, but I am not sure who you are.  Okay – here is the video I promised earlier this week…

Hockey Mobility Video…

Go easy with it gang when you are just starting out – it is hard.
Happy Training.

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