The lost video (speed secret)

You know when your iPhone tells you the memory is almost full and that puts you into a mini-panic, so you start deleting photos and videos from your phone because you have a copy somewhere else…only to discover you actually DON’T?

I can’t be the only one.

And before mass panic ensues…don’t worry, the U2 pics and videos are all safely double backed up, triple encrypted, etc.

How we train speed the week before camp…

2/3 of our HockeyStrong players will be heading to Jr B camps in the next week, so we are just putting the finishing touches on their off-season training.  We want to keep them quick, fresh and most of all healthy!

Here is some video I shot on Tuesday during our speed session – it adds an element of read and react to their agility training.  Here’s where the “Lost Video” comes in 🙁

I did delete the videos from my phone before I uploaded them to my hard drive.

But…I had posted them to the Goalie Training Pro Facebook page first.  I tried to embed the video from FB, but for some reason I cannot – so you will have to click on the link to see the video on Facebook – not sure if you have to like the page or not to see the video, give it a try.

I will give you a written description too, so hopefully that helps you non-FB peeps 🙂

In the first video you will see the players (3 goalies, 1 skater) performing a predictable drill – micro hurdle step over and back – and then respond to a verbal cue from me where they race to a cone based on the colour I called.

I set out 4 cones (including one behind them).  The goal is quick acceleration in transition.

Click here for the video.

In the video below, we add a layer of complexity.

Two sets of micro hurdles are set out approximately 3 meters apart in a square pattern.   The players stand between two micro hurdles facing one another.  They will read and react to one another – one player is the leader, the other is the follower.

The follower tries to shadow the leader exactly as they shuffle side to side, circle the hurdles, hip the hurdles, whatever.  They must remain facing each other – to emphasize lateral movement, but other than that there are no rules.

After 4-8 seconds I again call a colour and they must race to that cone.

So sorry about losing the video, but hopefully you can see it on Facebook or at least get the basic idea from the description.
Hope your training is wrapping up as nicely as the HockeyStrong guys.  I was just looking at year to year comparisons in our testing and one of our guys has added 93lbs to his single leg squat, 40cm to his standing long jump, 15 to his max push ups and 2 to his max chin ups.  Impressive!
PS – keep an eye out for my next live webinar – it will be free for you.  I will announce the day and time here.