The Elite Goalies Were Missing This (you are too)

The ELITE Goalies Were Missing This (you are too)

I am always happy to help out other passionate coaches, so I try to get out to as many goaltending camps as I can over the summer to run sessions and meet new coaches.

I had a great time in Buffalo this summer when I worked with the Sabres prospects at their Development Camp.  These guys are the cream of the crop and it was a great opportunity to meet goalies from Canada, the US and Europe.

Although all of these goalies are playing at a very high level, guess where they had the most trouble or the most questions?  It was with dynamic hip stability and dynamic warm up.

Dynamic warm-up was another area that was seriously lacking at another camp I attended this summer, so I thought it was worth a review.

I have posted on the topic before, but let me try to draw it all together for you in one place…

You will take the following steps…

  • Get to the rink
  • Self myofascial release – foam roll, lacrosse ball, The Stick, whatever – here is a detailed video showing you How To Foam Roll
  • Do your static stretch circuit – yes, static stretching is fine – I explained why HERE –   Click this link and I will show you some stretches to do before hockey
  • Here is the KEY step – – do THIS dynamic warm up for goalies
  • Get out on the ice as soon after your dynamic warm up as you can

I think the reason it probably gives some of you trouble is that it is almost too simple.  There is no magic, but it will make a huge impact on your performance on the ice  – especially in the first 10-minutes of any game or practice.

Don’t make the mistake of making it a ‘sometimes’ event – make sure you do it every single time you step on the ice – make it your routine.

Have a great day – choose to make it awesome – you are WAY too cool to settle for average 🙂


PS – practice this warm-up routine a few times at home (like today and tomorrow) and then later in the week try it before you skate and let me know how you feel.

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