The Downside Of Getting Powerful As A Goalie

There is a downside to getting more powerful that you probably are not aware of.

Let me give you a real life example…

I have a friend who loves really nice cars. One of his cars is some kind of powerful BMW – it might be called an M1, I am not sure. Anyway, the car is so powerful that it comes with a traction control so you cannot overdo it on the accelerator and get yourself into trouble (like, by launching yourself right off the road).

So my friend love the car and was getting very comfortable with it, so he thought, I don’t really need this traction control turned on – I am good.

…and then he launched himself right off the road.

He was fine and the car really just had a dent, so it was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

When you do the right type of off-ice goalie training, the type that builds strength, speed and stamina will be like the M1 without traction control.

You will push with what you think is the right amount of power and you will overshoot your mark by 6-8 inches, so then you have to maneuver back. People might even comment on how athletic you look out there.

But in actual fact you are spending way more energy than you need. You are working harder than you need because of your new found power.

That doesn’t sound very good does it?

Don’t worry; I have the solution. You just need to fine-tune your power. When you get out on the ice practice your pushes. Pick a target on the ice and find just the right volume to hit that mark.

Add some patterns and try to hit your target at the end of a movement sequence.

Practice that and re-adjust your body.

Off the ice you can practice too. Here’s one you can use…

…and remember if you car comes with traction control – it is for a reason 😉


PS – don’t misunderstand – power is good, you WANT more power, it is what lets outstanding goalies play with that relaxed and patient style.  You just need to learn the right way to use it.