The DARK side of speed training

Just filmed this quick FB Live about the “dark side” of speed training.  Don’t let it stop you from DOING your speed training, you just need to be aware of this…

If you don’t like watching video – or you would rather just read… here’s basically what I said…

Have you ever struggled with a subject or concept and then someone comes and explains it in a way that makes so much sense, it is easy? 

This is exactly what happens when you do the right type of off-ice training

The gains come quickly and they are surprising – even though you aren’t working harder than before

Goalies who start working with me during the off-season when they aren’t on the ice much get a warning – – I learned it about 7-years ago when I started the private online coaching  – what’s now the Turning Pro program

One of the college goalies didn’t get on the ice until the middle of August or so and he was overshooting everything by a mile.

You no longer need a BIG full power push to get where you need to be for the next save.

That is the beauty – now you can make quick powerful pushes – smaller gaps open up and you can close them quicker too

If you are on the ice regularly – you will adjust and you won’t notice it like Steven did – but you will notice that you have to play with a little more patience because you can cover the distance quicker.  You will surprise yourself with second effort saves where you have to recover and change direction – what would have been a desperation attempt becomes a precise response and a positionally strong save.

When he rejoined his team he sent me an update to let me know that his stamina, strength and speed had improves so much that his coaches had the confidence to let him start 3 games in 3 days. 

So remember – strength training is the easiest way to impact your speed on the ice (you also need to work on your power application and stability) – You can continue to work on that during the in-season, just make sure you are following a program designed with an in-season focus.

Make sure you are getting on the ice to practice your movements and fine tune your ‘touch’ so you aren’t over-pushing.

BOOM – – there you go!