The CP Lower Body Injury

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.43.20 AMCarey Price’s lower body injury…

I honestly have no idea what Carey Price’s injury is or how he sustained it. And I won’t be so bold as to suggest that all injuries are preventable; in hindsight that may be the case, but not in real-time.

Sometimes s#@t happens…

Let’s hope he gets back on track in a hurry. I am going to guess they are being overly cautious with Carey, at this stage there is absolutely no reason to push him.

Let me share a new video with you today that will give you another tool to keep the injury bug at bay – – and Carey if you are reading this one – check with your physio before you try it – – it is pretty tough J

Give it a try…you don’t need any equipment…


PS – yes it is normal if your hip muscles are cramping like crazy 🙁