The Best Off-Ice Hockey Goalie Training Programs | GTP TV Ep 56

Hey, welcome to Goalie Training Pro TV. Today we’re going to go over the different programs that I offer. So as I’m writing this now, if you’re reading it later then probably not, but right now Shutout Academy is open for enrollment. So lots of people are like, well, what’s the difference between Shutout Academy and Backup to Beast? What’s the difference between Shutout Academy and Turning Pro? So I’m just going to make one episode where I go through all the different programs so that you know, hey, this … okay, this is where I should start, or, this is where I’m at.

So, let’s jump into it.


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We’re going to jump into it starting with the free programs.

So part of my mission is to give any goalie anywhere in the world access to the right kind of off-ice training that’s going to help you win more games and have fewer injuries, so I have a ton of free content. Here on, on the interwebs, if you go to the Goalie Training Pro TV channel on YouTube there’s tons of stuff there.

And I have these three free programs.

The first one is a butterfly challenge. We’re on butterfly challenge 3.0 right now, and it actually … you can download it just by clicking HERE.

So you can get it there.

It’s also an app now. So Adam is a goalie , he’s awesome, he made it into an app for us. So you can get that at the Apple Store, or the i-whatever, whatever. Where you get apps on an iPhone. Or if you have an Android whatever that’s called, you can get it there.

And those are for the discount price of free.

It’s just a 14-day challenge. It takes about 10 minutes to do the mobility exercises with a focus on getting a wider butterfly flare. There’s also other stretches I sneak in there because I’m like, really you should be doing this too. And typically though people get about two to four inches wider butterfly flare by the end of the two weeks.

It is like the simplest thing you can do.

If you’re a goalie and you don’t even have the drive to just do the butterfly challenge then … yeah, unless you just really like my videos, you think my hair looks cool or whatever, but otherwise you can just stop watching right now. So that is simple.

Then there’s the Beer League MVP. This is a six-week, very basic program, but again, it works. So it’s hilarious because people get such good results with these free programs that they’re like, I just keep doing that one over and over again. Which is cool depending on the level you want to play at.

So if you’re really trying to hit your potential that’s not going to do it because your body accommodates, your body gets used to it, and then it stagnates really. You’re not seeing continual improvement. If you just play for fun and you also like to do a triathlon or play basketball or whatever then that’s probably a really good program for you.

It includes some strength, mobility, and a bit of speed and agility in there as well. So it’s a six-week program. It’s completely free.

I don’t have it posted all the time, I don’t give it away all the time. Probably a good place to find a link to it, if you go to the InGoal Mag radio episode that I did with them, again, as I write this, it was just a week ago or so, but I know I gave them the links. I’m pretty sure they put the links in the show notes, so you might be able to sneak it there.

The other place you could find it is inside the Goalie Training Lab on Facebook. So Goalie Training Lab is a free Facebook group that I started. I’m not in there all the time, probably two to three times a week to sort of comment. So sometimes too when I have programs like that I’ll post it in there so that you guys can get it.

You have to ask to join, and what happens is I’ll just go look at your profile, and if I see you in goalie gear or something about goalie then I will accept you. If it looks like, I don’t even think you’re a goalie, then I won’t accept it. If you’re a jerk we’ll banish you. You’ve got to be nice. And it’s for motivated goalies who want to do work, thus the Goalie Training Lab. So there you go.

Back Up to Beast is basically the same thing as Beer League MVP, but I’ve tweaked it a little bit for younger goalies. So if you’re kind of high school/college, then that’s the program for you. It’s, again, a six-week program. It’s for free.

Is it like, oh, I’m in my college off-season, this is the training I’m going to do for my whole off-season? No.

All these programs are (of what I do) basic, kind of bare minimum stuff. You might look at them and be like, oh my God, this is awesome and I feel so good when I do it, this must be it, but it’s just because the way that I train goalies is very different probably from what you’ve done before. So you do see really good results, but, again, there’s a lot more that we can do, and your body will accommodate to that.

So a great place to start, and then you’ll look at moving up to kind of the next step.

All of my programs are … I design programs basically for goalies who are 14 years of age and older because I want younger goalies just to play and have fun. I don’t want them training like a pro when they’re kids, so when I’m designing I’m thinking of that age group, 14 and up.

I did design this program, it’s called Puck Battle Domination, and you can find it at

Somebody else gave me the name because they were like, parent will think it’s just kick-ass, but I designed it for goalies and skaters because it’s a foundational program. It gives you the right kind of foundation and training that you need at that age. So just developing movement pattern skills, true core stabilization … because what you do at practice is … that’s not core stabilization. You’re holding a plank, but you’re kind of half doing the worm and it’s just like bleh, not good.

So Puck Battle Domination is the only program I have that’s kind of for 10 to 13 year olds. And again, I wouldn’t get my eight year old doing, but 10 to 13 year olds. It’s a good, structured program they can follow. It’s not training like a pro. If that’s what you’re looking for, again, that’s not really what I do. But for that age group a nice functional strength and stability program, foundation program, that’s a great place to start.

The next one is Strategic Mobility.

So I actually designed this program because last year when I was working a lot of camps with pros or college players who had team programs that… some of them were really good, some of them they were just like, I have to do this team program. But the mobility piece was really missing, and we were doing some mobility things and they were like, wow, that feels so good, can you just do a mobility program for me?

So that’s where the Strategic Mobility came from.

Again, if you’re trying to maximize your performance as a goalie just doing an awesome mobility program isn’t going to get you there. You still need the speed, the stamina, the stability. You need all those ingredients to really maximize your potential, but for those guys it’s a great add-on. You know?

It’s like, yeah, I really like the program our strength coach puts together for me, but this piece is missing. So that’s Strategic Mobility, and it’s just

But also a lot of you just have done it because you’re like, man, I don’t really want to go to the gym, and you’re not like, yeah, like serious, serious about reaching your potential, but you’re like, yeah, I know my flexibility should be better.

So it’s more of a pro-style flexibility program. It has cycles, so you do this phase for a couple weeks, and that phase, and it progresses from stage to stage. So that’s what that one is.

The next one is the Shutout Academy. This is the whole enchilada. This is a pro-style off-ice training program that includes all your mobility, your strength, your stability, your stamina, your speed, everything.

It’s synced to the time of season, so, again, when I’m writing this it’s open for enrollment because the off-season … so the off-season phase in this program goes from May until the end of August, so it’s open for enrollment just, again, as I write this, for the next couple days.

And then we’re going to go through that four-phase periodization cycle. So that you’re moving efficiently, you have great stability, you have strength at length so you can really use your body in those extended positions when you need it without huge risk of injury, but you can also then come back and be in your nice, compact ready position to make the next save.

So then every month there’s a new training module that has different mobility, strength, speed, stamina workouts in there.

During the season we change so that it’s an in-season program. So you still get new modules every month, but they’re geared towards the in-season. So in the off-season, the workouts are pretty gruelling. You can adjust your schedule so it doesn’t have to be, but for those high performers, yeah, you’re training four, five, six days a week. They’re pretty tough workouts.

During the season we want to just get in, get out. Maintain or improve your mobility, and really your power and explosiveness because those are some of the things you really lose during the season. But we don’t want to take away from what you’re doing on the ice.

The Shutout Academy also comes with access to a free, private Facebook group that is only for the Shutout Academy. I’m on there about five days a week, four to five days a week, that’s where you can ask me questions about training. So I can’t sort of individually correspond with you, that’s what Turning Pro is, it’s private training, but you can ask questions in there even about your schedule or maybe you had a knee injury that you’re working around a little bit. I can give you some suggestions and modifications.

Again, I can’t go through and rewrite your whole workout, like, okay, do this instead of that and … but I can help point you in the right direction. It’s always a great place where we share our successes, our frustrations, and our shutouts. So we keep tally of our shutouts. We’re at 100 right now, so … since September, so we’re having a pretty good year.

That… there’s two options. There’s a pay upfront or there’s an installment plant, so you can pay monthly instead if that’s easier for you.

It only opens for enrollment three times a year, so this is one time. So, again, right now this is the end of April, let’s say you decide in June 1st, okay, well now I’m going to start training for hockey. I’m going to go join that Shutout Academy. No.

And if you know me well enough you know that … because you’ll think like, oh yeah, but I’ll have money and she’ll take the money because she wants the money. No.

You’ve got to join now, or the next time it will open will be the very end of August, we’ll open for the September cycle, but if you change your mind in May or June … Yeah… No.

So that is the Shutout Academy, and it is just

The last one is the Turning Pro coaching program. This is private, online coaching. This is where we talk on the phone or Skype or whatever once a month. You know, what’s your schedule, how’s it … I can see your workouts because I deliver your workouts via an app, so I can see what you’ve done, how much weight you’ve used, how many reps, if you’ve skipped your workouts. There’s a messaging feature there, we can message back and forth privately.

It’s private, individualized training, so I design your training programs for you every single month. That’s what’s sort of the higher … you know, the guys that are looking to play NCAA, CHL, NHL, and then the pro guys, that’s where most of them are. Some are in the Shutout Academy too, but, yeah, that’s the top tier.

And that program also includes a two-day training camp that I host. It’s free, and we’re going to have one in Toronto and one in Breckenridge, Colorado this year, but that’s included.

And it’s kind of the only way too that you can come to London and train with me at Revolution or with our group at Revolution for a couple days during the summer. So sometimes people are like, oh, I thought I might come a couple days and work out with you. Unless you’re a pro goalie then that’s different, but otherwise it’s just Turning Pro guys get that, and girls, get that opportunity.

I guess I’ll mention too, every single one of my programs comes with a video of how to do every exercise. So I’ve seen workouts that are just like a laundry list of exercises, and it’s like, what if someone doesn’t know how to do that?

So every single one you can click on a link and it takes you to a video of me teaching you how to do the exercise.

There’s tempos for every single exercise because… you know, it’s, okay, I need to know the sets and the reps, but if you don’t know the tempo, that’s like giving someone a recipe and not telling them how many teaspoons of garlic to put in. You know? It’s like, put in garlic, okay, well I can put a lot or I can put a little, what’s the right adaption?

So I hope that helps kind of demystify because people are like, ‘you’ve got so many programs’.

Well, there aren’t really that many.

There are some freebies that just, yeah, get you started. There’s one for kids, Puck Battle Domination. There’s one that’s just mobility, Strategic Mobility for Goalies. Then there’s the comprehensive program for those of you who are really like, yeah, no, I really want to cover all my bases. That’s the Shutout Academy.

And then there’s for those of you who are like, no, I really want something that is custom designed for me. So it’s like I can go into the clothing store and buy a really nice dress or suit or whatever that fits quite nice, or I can go to the tailor and have one that’s custom made to suit me. And that’s like … it’s a little nicer.

So there you go, I demystified it. If you want to … you’re like, free, I like the sound of that, then head over and grab the butterfly challenge maybe in the app store of your choice.

Otherwise I will catch you on the next episode.