The Best Diet For You This Off-Season

I am trying to wrap up a few questions from the live Webinar I hosted yesterday for members of the Insider’s List.  We covered a lot of ground and I answered most of your off-season training questions, but there were a few we just didn’t have time to cover.

Holding_An_AppleThere were a few nutrition questions…

  • What is the best diet for off-season training?
  • What should a goalie who needs to lose 15-20lbs do?

So let me turn to my most trusted resource on the topic of nutrition, Dr. John Berardi  from and see what he has to say on the topic.

As I suspected, John won’t choose a “best diet”.

He actually supports many of the popular diets today because they focus on appetite control, food quality, regular exercise and awareness of what exactly you are eating.

He also suggests that you work with a coach to help steer you in the right direction – sound familiar J

You can read (or listen to) his entire article HERE

Okay – next we get the scoop on fat loss from Precision Nutrition.  I am going to give you the reference to the article, which includes links to topics on supplements and all sorts of other great, useable information put together in a very understandable way, but here is the overall scoop taken directly from the article.

  • Exercise at least 5 hours per week

  • Eat whole/unprocessed foods at regular intervals, while being aware of physical hunger/fullness cues

  • Sleep 7-9 hours per night

  • Don’t engage in extreme diets

  • Stay consistent with your habits

  • Incorporate non-exercise physical activity

  • Ignore food advertising

I know many of you are saying “Duh – – I knew that” and it is true.  Most of us know that, we just don’t DO it.  We are not consistent, we don’t plan, we are not active enough outside of our “training”.

You know I like to keep things simple, so for the athletes I train who need to lose fat, I start here.  Once they can check the box on each of those habits, then we move on to more complex strategies, which you can also find in the full article  HERE

That will give you a good start!