The 4-Minute No Excuse Workout For Goalies


I know some of you are still on the road at Granny’s house or whatever. I also know that some of you…I am looking at you beer leaguer’s, have been eating (and maybe drinking) more than you typically would – – and likely more than you should.

So, I am going to help you battle back, so you don’t feel like you have two flour bags strapped to your legs when you are trying to move in the crease come January 1st.

Here are my 4-Minute No Excuse Workouts for Goalies – you can do them all back to back for a nice 15-minute routine (I will give you a minute in between each routine).

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click the link below…

Mobility 4

The fact that there are only two stretches in your mobility routine will raise a few eyebrows, but I wanted to get lots of bang for your buck and using the FRC technique for your kneeling groin is going to do just that.

It will help you increase your mobility, which is your useable flexibility – the flexibility where you actually have strength and control. So you can do a Jonathan Quick-style kick save and still walk afterwards.

1) 90/90 Stretch hold each position for 30 seconds on each side (2-minutes)

2) FRC Kneeling Groinhold the stretch for 30s, push into the stretch for 30s, pull your knees apart for 30s and then hold the stretch for 30s (2-minutes). I know that sounds weird, but watch the video.

Strength 4

1) Squat Lateral – you can elevate your foot slightly to increase the stretch you feel on your elevated adductor, but remember to keep your pelvis level.

Use the range you have and listen to your body, but if you can get down to thigh parallel to the floor on the weight bearing side. Then drive back up using that leg. The extended leg should be kept straight and you should just feel a stretch on that side as you get to the bottom of the squat.

Do 30s on each side (1-minute)

2) Push Up + Reach – no time to do a core plank, so this one is the answer for building a nice strong chest, a stable shoulder and core stability. The key here is not to go too far when reaching with the arm. It is easier to get down than it is to get up, so start very slowly.

If you are doing this on a smooth floor surface – just put your hand on a towel or inside a sock – preferably a clean one.

If you are doing it on a carpeted surface, just put your hand inside a plastic bag.

Alternate arms and go for 60s. If you are getting pooped, go to regular push-ups and if that is getting too challenging, then go to your knees for the remaining duration.

3) Iso Row – the challenge with bodyweight workouts is always getting a good exercise for the mid-back. If you have a chin up bar you can do chin-ups. If you have a resistance band, do tall kneeling row, but if you have nothing at all, prepare to be surprised at how challenging you can make this one.

Remember to squeeze your shoulder blades together slightly as you drive your elbows into the floor. Start with medium pressure, but then build up to maximum force.

Hold each rep for 5 seconds and go for 60 seconds.

4) Standing Lateral Hip Circles – A beautiful stability exercise for the hip that is going to be the toughest exercise of the bunch even though it looks like it will be the second easiest. You will know what I mean when you do it.

Remember to keep your shoulders level and your pelvis fairly level – do not tip way over to the side.

The circles should only be the diameter of a pop can and remember to generate tension in your hip muscles; otherwise it will not work.

Do 15s in each direction on each leg (1-minute)

Stamina 4

1) Lateral Shuffle & Hold – this will help with your stamina on the ice, like those times when your team is on the PK and your legs are burning and shaking underneath your pads that you are just praying the defense can clear the puck to give you a break.

Hold for 10s then shuffle and repeat for one minute.

2) Side Plank + Box Pattern – some core and hip stability work as we let your legs quickly recover. Go for 30s, then right into the next stamina drill.

3) Quick Step Lateral Hop – work on your power in transition from a shuffle to a push. Make sure you are staying in your low ready position throughout.

Go hard for 30 seconds.

4) Side Plank + Box Patternsame as above, just the other side; go for 30s, then right into the next stamina drill.

5) Knee Recovery + Lateral Push – this one finds its way into every goalie training program I create, helping you get that power you need from the knee down position.

Go hard for 30 seconds – focus on lateral distance.

6) Bear Position + Superman

if you have not been doing planks regularly and you cannot hold a perfect front plank for 60 seconds, then just work on your plank instead.

This exercise is deceptively challenging and requires a lot of stability to do it properly without any movement in the hips or torso.

Hold for 5 seconds each – go for 30 seconds.


7) V-Drill – remember to stay low and stick your balance on each deceleration. Practice visualizing the play developing, where you would be looking on the ice and letting your eyes lead your body.

Go for 30 seconds and instead of just alternating sides, mix it up, actually visualize the play, imagine your team is on a PK and the other team is swarming your zone.

8) Lateral Shuffle & Hold – yes again…remember, this is a stamina workout

Hold for 10s then shuffle and repeat for one minute.