The 3 Things (+ hormone that can sabotage your training)

Specific plan + Specific action steps + Accountability = SUCCESS

Yesterday I shared with you an email I got from one of you who was frustrating the best shooters in his league so badly that the top dog resorted to firing the puck right at his head – – and then begrudgingly had to mutter an apology.  What a great feeling?

I am going to share with you what I shared with him.  The truth is these results had very little to do with me.  This info is available for thousands of goalies, but probably only 2% or fewer see these results.  What do you need to do to see success like this?  Follow the recipe…

I am not saying it is easy, we all have work, school, family or past failures that hold us back.  You feel that it won’t work for you (that you are different) because you have tried in the past and something has always derailed your progress, probably because you didn’t know about the 3 key steps

Step #1 – have a specific plan, don’t re-invent the wheel, just follow the plan.

Step #2 – take consistent action – suck it up and do the work.

Step #3 – get support, be accountable to someone other than a loved one, sometimes they are too easy on you – they love you no matter what.  You need someone who is committed to keeping you on track no matter what.

If you need help with this and are committed to dropping 4-8lbs of blubber and add 2-4lbs of lean muscle in the next 4-weeks, then you should probably check this out (this is where I also tell you how cortisol can sabotage your training success)

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PS – at very least learn about how cortisol can help or hinder your training gains and how you can manipulate your current workouts to keep moving forward – – I go over it HERE