The 3 steps to dominate 2015

Happy New Year!  Just following up on the email I sent the other day with some wisdom from my coach Craig Ballantyne and I promised to walk you through a goal setting exercise and share a few of my goals for this year.

And I am going to do that in a second… but first something you may not know about me.

I always cheer for Team RevCon or Team athletes – ALWAYS.

So when Winnipeg played the Leafs last night – even though the Leafs needed a big win to turn the tide – – -I was (not so) secretly cheering for the Jets.  I was peppered with dirty looks from Paul as I (not so) quietly gave myself hi-5’s every time the Jets scored.

My team for the day – the Jets won 5-1 and what’s even better is that I got to see one of the very nicest guys you will EVER meet get the second goal for Winnipeg.  Congrats Matt Halischuk – you did the ‘Team’ proud and you look like a young Kris Kringle from “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” with your new beard.

More Wisdom From My Coach…

The day after I got Craig’s email, I got one from my other coach, Bedros Keuilian and THIS is what I cut and pasted into my ‘Daily Docs’ from B…

1) Take action every day.
2) Surround yourself with winners.
3) Never peak – the best is yet to come.

Sounds like a recipe for success n’est pas?

Now, get a piece of paper and a pen…

We are going to make a plan that will help BABL (bad-ass beer leaguers) and FPs (future pros) alike AND it doesn’t have to relate only to hockey, it works in other areas of your life too.

Need to save more for retirement?  Use this method.

Need to bump up those grades? Use this method.

Time to start eating like a champ? Use this method.

Step One –

Write down the THREE – yes, only three – MOST IMPORTANT goals for the coming year.  You cannot have 15 most important goals so for now, we are only going to focus on the most important items.  Write it down in the active voice, as though you have already achieved it.

Think of it like this – for each one of your three – would achieving this goal make everything else easier or unnecessary?

Below, write down WHY you want to achieve that goal – how will your life be better when you achieve that goal.  And don’t forget to put it in the active tense.

Step Two –

Write down the THREE action steps you must take immediately to move you toward achieving that goal.  Craig recommends making it the three things you will do in the next 21-days.  I might try that.  I typically do 60-days, but I like the urgency of 21-days, so I will try that this year.

Step Three –

As soon as you complete an action step – write down the next one that you will achieve in the next 21-days.

Finally –

Read your list every single day, first thing in the morning.  I keep mine in Evernote so I can see it on my laptop, iPad or iPhone.  This has been a game changer for me and helps me stay on task and keep on track.

Here is a sample (and then I will share some of my real goals)

Big Goal – – I have done everything in my power to be successful at Jr. B tryouts this coming fall.  I am stepping on the ice prepared to show my best.

Why?  Because I knew I could be better and now I have set myself up for success.  Now I can show the doubters what I am capable of and now I am able to be the player I always wanted to be.

In the next 21 days I will…

Action Step 1 – Stretch 5 days per week outside of practice and games.

Action Step 2 – Get some resistance bands for home so I can start doing workouts at home because I don’t have time to get to the gym.

Action Step 3 – Hire a trainer for one session per week to design a training program that will help me specifically as a goalie.

So that is how to do it.  Any questions?

And don’t just ‘do it in your head’ – there is something about putting it down on paper and reviewing it daily – it’s the secret sauce.

Here are a few of my goals for the year – some big and some not so big…

  • Increase retirement savings by 10% (Big One)
  • Clean basement
  • Listen to a song on my headphones every day
  • Write in journal everyday
  • Hire a part time coach at Revolution
  • Get an on-ice lesson from a goalie coach – my friend Steve McKichan has offered, and I will take him up on it J
  • Take 3 hours for strategic planning before January 15th
  • Present at the Goalie Coaching Symposium in August 2015 and knock it right out of the park! – Maybe I will see you there…

I have about a dozen more – some business related, some fitness related and some are just personal.  I still have to map out my Big Three – I will have that all in order during my 3-hour strategic planning session and I am sure Craig and Bedros will help me map out the business ones at our Mastermind meeting this coming week in Miami.

If you want my help to focus your goals, leave a comment below and I will chime in and help you out – always happy to help!

Okay – I am going to be back in a day or two to give you the four exercises you should be doing to start 2015 – – see you then.


PS –  In case you missed it  here is the program for those of you committed to Turn Pro (or getting drafted to the OHL, earning that NCAA scholarship or playing CIS to start) in the next 5 years –not those of you thinking about it or wishing for it, but those of you committed to it.  If you are right for this program, it will be a no brainer for you – just read what it is all about and you will know.  But read this entire info page BEFORE you apply (this is not for tire kickers).

PPS – NOW is the time to take action – in 4 months, you will only be 4-months behind the players who start TODAY.  #Action