The 20-Minute Goalie Workout You Can Do Anywhere

20-minute bodyweight workout for hockey goalies

If you are traveling this summer – lots of you are off to visit Grandma for the week apparently based on the influx of emails I have received in the last while – I have the solution to get you through your time away from your home or local gym.

Here is a 20-minute bodyweight training routine that you can do anywhere – it even makes an awesome in-season routine if you are never sure whether you will be starting a game or not.  You don’t want to workout before the game just in case, so this is a great workout you can do in the locker room after the game so you are ready the next time you get a chance to play.

If you do not see the video above, here is the direct link –

Here is the exact number of sets and reps you need to do for each element…

Dynamic Warm Up –

Do 5 each way of the following

  • Down and back
  • Inch Worm
  • Inverted Reach
  • Leg Cradle

MetaStrength Circuit –

This will be perform as a circuit so we are combining your energy system development with your strength training.  It is not the way you should train all of the time, but it is a good way to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Begin with 30 seconds of each (on each side if it is a single limb exercise such as single leg squats, hop lateral + stick, side clamshell and alternate knee recovery).

Complete the workout every other day for the time you are away.  As you get accustomed to the movements and your body has adapted, you may add 10 seconds to each exercise for more challenge.

  • SL Squat Off Bench or Step
  • Hop Lateral + Stick (mislabeled this one on the video)
  • Push Up to Superman
  • Crease Push
  • Side Clamshell
  • Glute Bridge Knees Together
  • Alternate Knee Recovery
  • Bent Over ‘T’


This is not an exhaustive flexibility program, remember we are trying to get this all done in 20-minutes so you family won’t miss you J.  Feel free to supplement with some of your favourites.

  • Supine Hip Internal Rotation – 10 reps with a 5 second hold
  • ½ Kneeling Groin + Glide  – 10 glides on each side with a 5 second hold
  • Hip Flexor + Glide – 10 glides on each side with a 3 second hold

So there you have it, a bodyweight hockey goalie workout that you can do anywhere.  If you do not have access to a gym or your home equipment (and you only have 20-minutes to get something done) this will hold you over until you can get back to your regular routine.

I know it will not be the same as your workout at home, but hey, relax and enjoy the time away and a change of scenery.

Happy Training!