The #1 Way To Lose The Starting Job [GOALIES]

Probably the best way to lose the starting job on your team is to suck.  But the SECOND best way to lose the starting job is to get injured.

Not all injuries can be prevented and it is not fair, but when you get injured you risk losing the confidence of the coaching staff, they will question your durability (I know that is a politically incorrect thing to say, but it IS true).

You also give your goaltending counterpart (and even the guy or gal they pull up to be the new back up) a chance to shine.  They can relax because for the first time all season, they are not competing with you to get the next start.  Even if you are friends, they are still happy to have the chance to become the go-to goalie on your team.

Here’s how to stay healthy…

So check out the 4-minute video below for strategies that will help keep the injury bug at bay, keep you on the ice and let you prove your value to the team day after day.

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click the link below…


PS – See you in a day or two when I will share the simple things you can do everyday to earn the trust of your coaches and respect of your teammates.  I also have a big announcement to make that will make the difference between dwindling or skyrocketing performance THIS year, so stay tuned!