Talking Hip Impingement with U of Denver Strength Coach Matt Shaw

Hey – still on the road, just at the airport in Denver right now before flying out to Madison for the Network Goaltending Symposium tomorrow where I will give a couple presentations.  Can’t wait to meet up with the top goalie coaches in the world – literally.

While I was at the NSCA Hockey Strength & Conditioning Clinic I caught up with my colleague Matt Shaw – and gave him a big hug – – he earned it with his U of Denver Pioneers winning the NCAA Hockey Championships this year!  Woooooo!

Anyway, we had a little chat about hip impingement in hockey players and how he manages it.  Don’t think for a second that it means you can’t train or you have to have hip surgery, here’s how he approaches it…

Okay, next stop Madison – – see you there.


PS – It is way easier for me to post videos like this in the new Private FB group I started called “Goalie Training Lab”.  You can join here, it is free… as long as you are a goalie 🙂  If your not a goalie it will cost you “one miillllllion dollars” (say it like Dr. Evil please).