Tales from Sin City and Slideboard Training

Well, we made it back from Sin City without incident!  There was a run in with a Tarantula on a great run/scramble/hike we did up Turtlehead Peak – that is the actual critter shown in the photo below.


Other than that it was the typical Vegas experience – going for a nice run every morning, a little sitting by the pool, early supper and into bed by 9:30pm each night (one night I did stay up until 10pm).  Seriously, I think Vegas is wasted on me.  It was great to hang out on holiday with Paul for a few days, my business meetings at the end of the week were awesome and we made it home safe and sound (as did our luggage).

While I was away I ran a great promo that saved you $37 on the Ultimate Goalie Training system and the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm-Up.  My intention was to only give away 25 copies at this low price; it was only when I went to take down the promotion that I realized the program I needed to access those web pages were on my laptop (which was safe in London) not my netbook which I travel with.  As a result, quite a few of you got the discounted rate as well – good for you – you deserve it!

I am working on a video of slideboard circuits – before I finish editing it I am wondering how many of you goalies use a slideboard as part of your training.  Would you do a favour for me and post a comment below if you do use a slideboard?  Check back later this week for the slideboard video.


PS – here is one more Vegas photo for you – from the top of Turtlehead Peak…