Strengthen your hips & back + improve your movement

As a goalie, your hips and back are two of your most valuable assets. If you are going to maximize your ability to stop the puck, you must have strong, powerful hips and you must have a strong stable back.

You must also be able to stabilize with your back while you are moving at your hip. This skill not only makes you more efficient in your movement like Carey Price, but it spares your back a lot of wear and tear that eventually catches up with you over time.

It is called the Single Leg Landmine Stiff Legged Deadlift (SL Landmine SLD)

So here is a fantastic, but somewhat advanced exercise for you to try. I love it because:
• You can add a lot of weight once you get the pattern
• You can feel your lateral hip working and focus on using your glutes to lift the load
• You can see very clearly if you are stabilizing with your back and moving at your hip

Key Points:
• Pick up the bar and set it down properly – the way I show you in the video
• Start with 2-3 sets of eight reps on each side (tempo 2121) with a light load until you get the pattern and until you can feel your glutes doing the work
• You should feel your glutes and hamstrings working, your back should not feel sore or feel like it is doing the bulk of the work
• Try to see yourself in a mirror (or video yourself from the side) to make sure your torso is in line with you back leg