How to stand out to your new coach

Even if your off-season did not go as well as you had hoped, maybe you had an injury or maybe time just got away from you.

There are still simple things you can do to impress your new (or prospective) coach during tryouts, training camp or the start of the season and the best part is they don’t require any training at all – you just plug-and-play.

Let me walk you through it…

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So …

  • trust your training
  • keep it super simple
  • eye contact with coach
  • show you are coachable
  • get your teammates on your side
  • make life easy for the coach
  • compete
  • be nice to everyone
  • do not pout
  • ask your parents to be cool

Over the next few days I will pass along a simple plan to maximize your recovery when you come off the ice so you are at your best for the next practice, scrimmage or game.

Stay tuned…