Stabilize And Mobilize Your Hip (warning hip cramping likely ;))

Sorry in advance – you will very likely get a hip cramp and that is okay – it just means that you are trying to use a synergistic muscle rather than the prime mover.  So what you are feeling could very well be your TFL getting tied into a knot.

If (when) that cramp sets in, you have two options:

Option #1 – grab your hip and roll around on the floor yelling “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh” (my preferred method)

Option #2 – just back off the mobilization and wait for it to subside with dignity (I personally thing dignity is overrated).

Okay – here is how to do it…

Start with 3 rotations each way in each plane of movement.  Remember to go slowly; imagine that your leg is in a bucket of thick honey and you are working against that resistance.



PS – make sure you go slowly – that is key!