Sport Bands And Your Hockey Training: Jawbone Up

So remember my post from Tuesday, where I was fresh off my mastermind meeting – fired up to prove the Mario Lemieux (he wouldn’t even know who that was by the way) of fitness information marketing how wrong he was?  Remember that? Up a 5am on my holiday? In the Starbucks takin’ care of biznus?

Yeah, well what you don’t know is that toward the end of that very productive session at the Starbucks on the corner of Madison Ave and 36th St in New York City, I started to feel a little queezy in my tummy…hmmmm…probably need to get something to eat…

See the photo on the left? – well, for starters that is the new tower they are building on the sight of the World Trade Centers – it is beautiful and when you fly into the city that never sleeps, it dominates the skyline.  Really happy to see this emerge from the ashes of one of my very favourite cities in the world.

It is also about half a block away from where I had to barf in a plastic bag – yep – stomach flu on my holiday.  Not cool, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles isn’t it?

Home now and feeling a wee bit better.  I made this video this morning to show you how the Jawbone Up can help with your hockey training – it is a similar product to the really popular Nike Fuel Band, but I liked the fact that the Up also lets you track your nutrition AND sleep.   Watch the video and see if you think a tool like this might help you.

Jawbone Up To Help Your Hockey Training

So there is some food for thought – enjoy!


PS – I have an embarrassing confession AND an offer to the hockey gods as well, if you want to learn more, click the link that describes you best below to see how I am celebrating the start of the NHL Hockey Season!