Solving Shoulder Pain in Hockey Players

Happy October everyone!  Hope you had a great last weekend of September.  Ours was awesome, the weather was great, we got out for a nice 15 mile bike ride on Saturday and then on Sunday we got to spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle.  My Uncle is the only brother of my Dad, so it was great to see him.  We do not see them all that often because they live in B.C. and this was the first time to visit with them since my Dad passed away last summer, so it was so nice just to catch up.

Today I want to chat with you about shoulder pain in hockey players.  I am not talking about the “I just got plowed into the glass” kind of shoulder pain, but the “I don’t know what happened, it just started to hurt” kind of shoulder pain.

There can be a lot of reasons for this type of shoulder pain and you should never have pain in your joints, so your first thing is to make an appointment with your friendly neighbourhood sport physiotherapist and get a thorough assessment.

What I want to share with you today are a few strategies that may help prevent some of the issues that can lead to this type of shoulder pain, so you can stay on the ice, save some cash on physio and help your team win more games.  Check out the video and then I will give you the exact sets and reps below….

  • Shoulder External Rotation at the Wall x 10
  • Prone Scapular Retraction – hold 5 seconds.  Do 5-10
  • Prone ‘W’ – Hold 3 seconds. Do 5-10

Have a great day gang!

P.S. – had a few emails asking about how to use the Ultimate Goalie Training 2.0 program during the season.  Here is the answer… go into your training workbooks where the workout schedules are and you will see that one is for In-Season and one is for Off-Season.  That should get you going!