Skeptical of training programs?

I had an odd email the other day from one of you who said that you had been “Skeptical of training programs in the past”.



Like you think that training is not going to make you better?

A secret most coaches don’t want you to know…

Almost anything works to some extent and for at least a little while.

That’s right, even doing a crappy training program can be better than doing nothing at all (unless it is just THAT crappy that it is dangerous) for a limited period of time – – and then things will likely go downhill pretty quickly.

I was skeptical too!

For some reason when he said he had been “skeptical” it brought to mind my resistance to flossing my teeth. Something that would have a direct impact on my health and that I had been taught to do by professionals.

It was so simple, was it my skepticism that kept me from doing it? No it wasn’t.

Was I just being lazy? I was tempted to think so, but that wasn’t it either.

I just had a case of first-step-itis. That’s right, the condition whereby one fails to take the first action step that sets them on a path to success.

Thankfully there is a cure and that cure is action. Once I took that first step, I was buoyed on to take the next step and now I am a regular flosser (much to my Dentist’s pleasure).

So if you have been skeptical of training programs (or flossing) in the past, you might actually be suffering from first-step-itis and here is YOUR cure.

Want more flexibility? Check these out…

Build injury resistant groins here –

3 Key stretches for all hockey players –

Want more speed? Then click one of these…

Building lateral speed –

Sample speed workout –

Want better core strength? Here you go…

3 New core exercises for goalies –

New multi-planar core exercise for goalies and skaters –

That will point (push) you in the right direction.

If you are already sold on the importance of off-ice training and prepared to train for 1-2 hours 5-6 days per week from June 1 – October 1 (yep – right into the start of the season), but don’t have the budget for my $3000 per year SOLD OUT Turning Pro coaching program then you should read this.

I am opening up a new Next Level Transformation group that will start training June 1st. It is a small group coaching program (that’s how we keep the price down) that is hosted via a private group on Facebook. You must have access to Facebook and a well equipped gym to participate.

This group is only for those of you looking to step up a level this season, it is not for recreational players. I will only accept about 4 skaters and goalies (I modify the programs for each).

Here’s what you need to do….

If you are interested, please email me directly (maria[at] and tell me a bit about yourself, why you think you would really benefit from this type of coaching. I don’t need your life story, just trying to get an idea of where you are coming from.

If I think you are the right fit, I will send you all the details you need, a link to the official application and we can go from there – how does that sound?

Only apply if you are really serious about it, unfortunately I don’t have time to read emails from tire kickers and in case you are wondering what the price is, it’s $697 for all four months or $215 per month for four months.



PS – the new location of Revolution Conditioning is coming along great – doors open this week and I cannot wait! Here’s what it looks like now…

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