Skaters: Two Hockey Traning Exercises That Reduce The Risk Of Knee Injury

Off-Ice Hockey Training for Better Knees

Yesterday I gave you two off-ice hockey training exercises to help goalies save their knees and today it is the skater’s turn.  Again, there are thousands of exercises that will help reduce your risk of knee injury, but here are two that you may not be familiar with and neither one requires specialized equipment.

Two New Off-Ice Hockey Exercises (video)

The first exercise is a universal exercise for improving knee function.   It works on dynamic stabilization with deceleration.  The knee with the single leg squat drop is to make sure the knee does not ‘wiggle’ inward at any point during the drop.

If the knee does this on the ice, it puts you momentarily into a vulnerable position, which can be the difference between an MCL tear and a charlie horse.

The second exercise also helps with single leg stability, but this time integrates the upper body and the torso.  Again, the goalie is to keep the knee out of a vulnerable position and keep you on your feet.

Single Leg Squat Drop – do 5 on each side and hold for 3 seconds each (makes a great addition to your dynamic warm up).   Do every other day or before each on-ice session.

Single Leg Stabilization With Taps – do 30 taps on each leg.  Practice 4-7 days per week.


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