Sin #2: The One That Kills Your Speed

If there was on off-ice hockey training sin that I see committed by most youth hockey coaches and trainers it is Sin #2.  Heck, I used to be guilty of it myself when I first started out.  What I didn’t understand then was how this type of training actually sucks the speed out of hockey players’ legs.

If you missed it, here is hockey training Sin #1

You might be doing it to yourself…

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It is not only coaches and trainers who make this mistake either, 98% of the hockey goalies and skaters who piece together their own workouts from articles on the internet, sports shows on TV and what their buddy says Zdeno Chara does for his training commit this sin.

They are the worst offenders and it is sad because not only do they work themselves to exhaustion, they zap the speed they once had AND boost their risk of injury.   If you have created your own off-ice hockey training program, do me a favour and make sure you are not committing this sin.

So if you are training speed – move fast.  If you get fatigued to the point where you are slowing down, then you need to:

  • Increase your rest interval
  • Decrease your work interval
  • Cut the workout short

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PS – If you are not 100% sure exactly how you should be training for maximum gains on the ice (hint: the answer is not just working harder) you can find detailed training plans for both goalies and skaters HERE