Should hockey players drink coffee? Risks & Rewards.

Hope you all had a great weekend – I got out cross country skiing twice this weekend and both were great!  A nice classic ski on Saturday and some skating on Sunday, the conditions were perfect.

I also got to see my clients Virtue & Moir compete for the first time at these winter Games.  They did well – they had a little bobble in the short dance but skated a beautiful free dance and helped Canada win SILVER in the Figure Skating Team competition (behind Russia and ahead of the USA).

Their individual competition will start next Sunday, so a few days to breathe easy.

If you think coffee dehydrates you, better read this…


Since a lot of us are waking up earlier than normal to catch Olympic action on TV I thought I would share an article from Dr. John Berardi on the risks and rewards of coffee.  John and his Precision Nutrition colleagues- this article is written by Brian St. Pierre, is my go-to guy for nutrition information, he does his homework, explains it clearly and then delivers the take-home message in clear steps.

We all see the NHL players on TV arriving for their game with a big cup of java, but is it really going to help them perform or help their long-term health?  How much is too much?  What about teenagers, is it safe for them to drink coffee?  I see a lot of them at the Starbucks near the Revolution Gym.

Here’s my tip for teenagers who go to Starbucks by the way – look at the board ahead of time and decide what you want before you get up to the cashier.  Once you get there instead of saying “Gimme aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..hmmmm….” You can say “May I have a tall latte please?”

I actually was behind one university student who asked what the caramel tasted like.  Um – – it will taste like caramel!

I digress…. Get your answers about the ==>  risks and rewards of coffee consumption HERE.

Enjoy gang – off to make myself a coffee 🙂

PS – go Canada GO!!