Shocked at how sore my obliques are.

During my travels this week I made one little change to my front plank that really left me with sore obliques – they are even more sore today than they were yesterday – YIKES.

I was on the road again this weekend – this time out in Vancouver for the Off-Ice Goalie Success Secrets workshop at It’s Time! Fitness Results. Head honcho Sheila Hamilton and here staff are awesome people and awesome at what they do. It was my pleasure to work with them over the weekend. If you live in the North Vancouver area and are looking for knowledgable, passionate coaches to help you achieve your fitness or performance goals – this is the place for you.

I also got to catch up with my Uncle Tom, Aunt Diane and cousin Patti – I had a wonderful walk with my Aunt and Uncle along the ocean. They are my only Aunt and Uncle since my Mom is an only child. Uncle Tom is my Dad’s brother and they are similar in some ways, but very different in others. I have always felt close, but since my Dad passed away almost 3-years ago it is a little extra special for me to see him.

We met up with my cousin Patti for dinner and got caught up on all her adventures with three energetic little girls at home. It was so great to see them.

My Anywhere Gym Workout

I stayed at a hotel called the Lonsdale Quay hotel, which co-incidentally is right on Lonsdale Quay so that became my gym in the morning. I was up early so there weren’t many folks around as I went through my 20-minute circuit. I had a lovely view across the Burard Inlet to downtown Vancouver – pretty good view for a gym eh?

The Formula

I have a formula for my ‘do anywhere’ bodyweight workout – a knee dominant exercise, a hip dominant exercise, a push and a pull – then I might sprinkle in some others in there depending on how I feel. Sometimes it is tough to fit in a pull and I am okay about missing a pulling motion for one workout.

As you will see in the VIDEO, my bodyweight workout the other day consisted of:

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click here:

  • feet elevated Push Up with my hands off-set (one hand at shoulder level, one at regular push up position) – that makes your shoulders and torso work in an asymmetrical fashion (6 each)
  • single leg Squat off a pretty big step (8 each leg)
  • THIS is the one that made my abs so sore – Feet Elevated Plank with alternate front to lateral knee drive(6 each)
  • and finally Calf Raises – I hardly ever use this exercise, but it seemed like the thing to do (15 reps)

So if you are traveling this summer, take advantage of your environment and enjoy some new scenery. Be creative or just follow this workout – keep going through that cycle for 20-minutes and you are good to go.


More quick workouts for goalies that you can do at home. CLICK HERE.

More quick workouts for goalies that you can do at home. CLICK HERE.