Sense Arena Virtual Reality | 2 Year Review

Are you a fan of VR?  Are you thinking of purchasing Sense Arena as a hockey goalie training tool? Check out the video to see how Maria feels about it two years later.


If you’re having troubles with the video above the link is at:

So how has it held up over time?

A few lessons I have learned with Sense Arena are…

  • Learned to move with urgency
  • There is a 3D replay available, so being able to watch myself back, I learned that I move my glove in the wrong direction at times, and I was able to be more aware of this and correct it with training and practice. It also helped me to improve my depth, angles and box control.

They have made huge improvements even since I first started, and they are continually upgrading and enhancing their product. SO, KNOWING THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW, WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? YES. YES. YES.

I get TREMENDOUS value from Sense Arena. It helps me STOP more pucks.

There are a few membership options for you:

  • 7-day trial You can use your own oculus
  • Starter plan $29/month – no access to training plans, etc, but you get most of the drills, and you get stats.
  • The pro plan is $49/month – 4 user accounts – NHL shooters…

They also run good promotions, so keep an eye out for that.

If you use the code GTP50 you will save an extra $50.

I would strongly suggest getting the goalie sleeves for an extra $49




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