Secret To Building In Season Stamina | Ice Hockey Goalie

The secret to building in season stamina for ice hockey goalies is making sure you’re doing the right goalie cardio workouts for you based on how much time you spend on the ice.

If you are on the ice 4 or fewer times per week, then you need to do the HARD stamina:

HARD STAMINA WORKOUT #1 Make sure you do a dynamic warm up first.

A) AL: Quick Step Lateral Hop w IsoHold – – 3 reps + 5s hold x 30s

A1) AL: Wide Shuffle x 20s

A2) Alternate Knee Down Vertical Jump x 10s

REST 2-minutes. Repeat 8 times


HARD STAMINA WORKOUT #2 (done on bike)

3-minutes easy warm-up

A) 20s on: 10s off x 8

A1) Easy for 3-min A2) 20s on: 10s off x 6

A3) Easy for 2-min A4) 20s on: 10s off x 4

DONE – – now you barf


If you are on the ice 4 times or more each week you need to do the EASY cardio: EASY CARDIO WORKOUT 30-45 minutes Category 2 ride or Elliptical or even light jog Heart rate 60-70% of max HR ? which would be a 4-5 out of 10 – can still talk, you could for sure go for an hour

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