Save $30 and why hockey players should do chin ups.

off-ice goalie trainingPosting your questions in the comments section is a great way to get a blog post on what is of interest to you.  Today, I am posting a reply to a question I got in response to my blog post telling you exactly how hockey players can dominate chin ups.  The question was asked – why do hockey players need to do chin ups.  Well in addition to the fact that many teams use chin-ups for testing purposes during training camps, I will give you a more scientific answer in the video below.

I also want to help you save $30 by reminding you that the Rapid Response Goalie Training system goes live on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.  I will be dropping the price for my loyal readers to show my appreciation for your support.  After all, you are the ones who asked for this product, so I want to get it into your hands for a reasonable price.  There will be a limited number of programs that I am letting go for $67 before the price goes up to $97.  My plan is to release only 30 at this discounted price, but I failed to consider my schedule in the gym on Tuesday.  Tuesday is one of my busiest days of training, so I will be tied up with clients most of the day making it difficult (or impossible) to get online to remove the discount price.  So if you want to get in on it for sure – make sure you make your purchase early, wanna gamble wait until later.

Here is what you get with the Rapid Response Goalie Training system:

  • Fast and effective workouts that will improve your flexibility, stability, strength, speed and stamina with workouts lasting only 20-45 minutes.  I want your training to enhance your performance on the ice and reduce your risk of injury – not add you your already busy (sometimes overwhelming) schedule.
  • You can chose from a schedule that has you training twice per week, up to a maximum of 4 times per week
  • Ever tried to complete the a workout from photos in a book or magazine?  The RRGT includes video of each and every exercise.
  • Step-by-step workouts to helping you become the goalie you want to be.
  • Bonus iPod compatible Quickstart Guides.
  • Did I mention you can do all of the workouts at home with a few dumbbells, a stability ball and one of those rubber resistance bands?  Now you don’t have to skip training because you don’t feel like driving to the gym.

As soon as the program goes live, I will post the link right here!  Okay, now for the top reasons a hockey player should do chin ups.