Sample Speed Session

We were out at the park doing some our speed session yesterday afternoon, so I shot a little video so you can see what we were doing and what we were working on technique-wise.  Here is the video of what we covered.  You will hear me coaching one of our new athletes who was dropping his hands a little too low on the Med Ball Rotary Pass – we spent a few minutes working on it and it improved in later sets – but it shows that even when you are trying to do the movement correctly, you often don’t feel that your body is using the wrong movement pattern.

This is where the video comes in handy – I can show it to them and when they see that what they are actually doing is not what they think they are doing, it helps clean up the pattern.  I use the Dartfish Express app on my iPhone and have been really happy with it.

Here’s What We Did…

If you cannot see the video in the viewer above, just click the link below

How Many? How Much?

  • Squat Jump + Accelerate – 2×3 each leg leading
  • MB Rotary Pass – 2×4 each way
  • Pro-Agility Drill – 1×6 each way – 1:2 work:rest ratio
  • Cycle Split Squat Jump + Stick – 2×3 each leg

The Most Important Thing…

If you are training speed, it must be fast.  You will not get faster on the ice by training at sub-max speed off the ice.  Part of going fast means keeping the volume low with sufficient relative rest so the athlete can maintain their quality of movement with the speed.

If the athletes are fatiguing then they are not training speed anymore, they are training stamina, which is fine on days when that is your goal.

Have a great day! #OneDayBetter


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