Rut buster…for your core

Ever get stuck in a rut?

Me too.

I was actually stuck in a little exercise rut before Christmas.

Every time I was trying to train my torso with an emphasis on my abdominals, I was drawing a blank. I could only think front plank, side plank, McGill Crunch, Pallof Press, plank saw, stir the pot…. but I was looking for something different, something to challenge me in a different way.

I was stuck.

The one of my private clients called in sick, which is a bummer, but it gave me time to just play around in the gym and my monkey brain came up with this SB Plank Mash Up (and another uber goalie specific drill that I will share with you in a couple days – – it is very, very cool).

Here’s the Mash Up….

Start with a 15 second hold, then 10 rotators and finish with 10 saws, BUT your torso must stay perfectly still the entire time, no cheating.


PS – if its more flexibility you need, just CLICK HERE to start the 14-Day Butterfly Challenge (totally free 🙂