Rick Kaselj on when to use single leg training

One of the highlights of every Mastermind meeting is getting to see my friend Rick Kaselj.  Rick is like the house mother (I mean that in a manly way) of the group – and one of the group’s top producers.  He is awesome and that man can dig into crab legs with the best of them – see the photo evidence 🙂

Anyway, we did a video interview where I asked Rick his thoughts on single leg training for hockey players and when he thinks it is appropriate.  He had a bit of a different perspective, especially as it relates to the foot.  In case you forgot, Rick’s area of specialization is helping people recover from injuries, his website is www.ExercisesForInjuries.com and it is a great resource if you have some nagging injuries.

Anyway, let’s hear what Rick has to say about single leg training for hockey…

Hope you enjoyed that – does anyone else thing Rick looks a little like the travel guy Rick Steves – do you know who I mean?  Post a comment or hit “Like” if you agree with me.