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If you’re an ice hockey goalie and are looking beneficial resistance band exercises for your off ice training then make sure to watch this video!  An added bonus to tuning in is to listen to Maria’s thoughts on TB12!



If you can’t see the video above, here is the direct link:

Here are the exercises covered in the video:
1. Assisted RVH
2-3 sets of 6ea (3030)

2. Lunge Lateral – Assistance or Resistance
2-3 sets of 6ea (20X2)

3. Tall Kneeling SA Press + Rotate
2-3 sets of 8ea (2011)

4. Tall Kneeling Row + Rotate
2-3 x 8ea (2011)

5. Superband Hip Drive (Bilateral & Half Groin)
2-3 x 12 (2011) – bilateral
2-3 x 8ea (2011) – half groin

6. Assisted Ecc Groin
2-3 x 6ea (3020)


If you want to know exactly how they fit into your off-ice strength training and conditioning, then check out Maria’s complete training programs –

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