Recovery Plan For Tryouts & Training Camps

Keep this simple, it does not have to be complex, it is a lot like proper nutrition, just get the basics down first and then you can start to get into the fancy stuff. If you aren’t covering the basics, working on the gimmicky stuff is a waste of time.

So, here is your recovery plan for those intense days of tryouts or training camp.

At the end of the training day…

Replenish your fluid, this is priority one and the most important thing you can do to ensure your success the next day. You can drink water but you should also be getting at some electrolyte replacement as well. That could be a sport drink or your own concoction.
• As soon as you can consume 40g of carbohydrates and 20g of protein. This could be in the form of a protein/carb replacement shake one of these options from EXOS
• You can do a “flush” ride if you wish and if you have bikes right at the rink, just remember that this is not meant to be a workout. The idea is to aid the muscle pumping action to clear waste products from your muscles and bathe them in oxygenated blood. This ride should last 10-20-minutes max and it should feel very easy.
• Do your self-myofascial release (foam roll or LAX ball) – here’s how to do it if you are unfamiliar


• Go through your mobility routine stretching your hip rotators, adductors, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, lats and including some thoracic spine rotation as well. If you are not sure what to do, see THIS post on mobility and .

Then go home, set your equipment out to dry, check over your equipment to make sure you don’t have any frayed laces or straps.

After that is done, have a good meal. Then take 20-minutes to go over your day. Actually write out:
Three things you did well
Three things you could have improved
What you can do tomorrow to be better. Be specific, list out the exact things you will do. Rather than saying, “I will stay positive”, write out exactly how you will stay positive, for example “when negative self-talk creeps in, I will change the focus to my strengths which are my speed and athleticism, I will say ‘Use your speed and athleticism’”
Review this page before heading out to the rink tomorrow

Now it is time to leave that day in the past. Whether it went great or you struggled, it is in the past and all you can do is focus on making tomorrow great. Enjoy some down time, read a book, watch some TV and then get to bed on time. Set two alarms so you can get up early enough to eat a proper breakfast and go dominate.

Go get it!

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