Q&A: Which Is Better DB Clean or DB SA Snatch

Howdy – I have a little field trip Q&A for you today – see if you can figure out where I am before I give it away – you will have to be quick (and it might still be in the thumbnail below :()!

I had a question from one of you about which is better – DB Hang Cleans or Single Arm DB Snatch?

And here’s the answer…

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click the link below…

If you don’t have time to watch the short video, here is a quick recap for you…

Neither one is better. They are just different.

I think because I include the DB Hang Clean in some of my downloadable programs, but not the Single Arm DB Snatch as often, that I liked the Clean better.

Not the case at all – in fact I use the DB Snatch in our hockey training programs at RevCon and in with the Turning Pro skaters and goalies that I train privately online.

With my downloadable programs, I have to walk the line between what is going to be safe and what is going to be effective. Both are effective exercises. In one of them the weight is being taken to straight overhead.

I know that some of you have some shoulder mobility and/or stability issues, so is it a little riskier to be doing high velocity lifts straight to overhead versus an explosive lift to shoulder level – I think so and so it shows up in more of my downloadable programs.

Nothing against the Single Arm DB Snatch – it is just that I have to look out for you guys too.


PS – hope your play-offs are going great if you are still in them it has been a great week for Team RevCon hockey players with two of our ‘HockeyStrong’ players winning their AAA Alliance Championship and moving on to the Telus Cup Regionals and another one of our players winning a CIS Women’s Championship  (thats the equivalent of winning the Frozen Four for you non-Canucks).  Super exciting stuff – – take a second to share your successes below- you know I love to hear from you.