Q&A: This leg strengthening exercise was hurting his hips…

Here’s the question…

“It has always been my main leg exercise, but when I go all the way down, it hurts my hips.”

What is the exercise?

You guessed it…Leg Press.

The Cheeky Answer…

…Stop doing it.

The Actual Answer…

Seriously, stop doing it please.

I know you can put a ton of weight on there and it feels good to push it – I used to do the same thing. But what you don’t see and what you didn’t feel until recently was how much compression the load is putting on both your hips and your lower back.

I am not 100% sure if that pain in the hip is coming from an impingement in the hip or maybe even from a nerve impingement in the lower back, but I am pretty sure that the leg press is making it worse.


There are so many exercises this player could do other than the leg press that will not only be much less stressful on the hip and back, but will also deliver results that translate onto the ice much better.

By that I mean, you will actually feel more explosive on the ice, rather than just strong in the gym.

Give these a try instead of Leg Press next time…

Sumo Squat (you can use a barbell if you wish)

Glider Reverse Lunge

Hip Drive


PS – please, if you are still using leg press, the knee extension or hamstring curl machine – – you can be getting SO much more bang for your buck – without trashing your body.  So I am giving you full access to the entire ShutoutAcademy for only ONE BUCK.  Click here to check it out.  You need help – you might not realize it 🙂