Q&A: harder shot, goalie specific, ankle strength and more

Hockey Training Q&A – November 2014

Today I have the answers to some of your questions from the past month.  Here’s what we cover today…

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click here

#1 – Better lateral movement for hockey goalies – 0:27

Here is the link to some of the videos I mentioned

Lateral Speed – CLICK HERE

Butterfly Crawl – CLICK HERE

#2 – Stronger Hockey Shot – 2:30

Article/video on wrist strength – CLICK HERE

Plus, make sure you watch the video above for some shooting drills you can do at home.

#3 – How eating organic foods helps your hip flexibility – 5:18

#4 – Better Cross Overs on the ice (weak ankles) – 6:45

Ankle strength and stability – CLICK HERE

#5 – Goalie specific strength training for 10-year olds – 7:45

Here’s how young hockey players (goalies or skaters) should spend their off ice training time instead of trying to bulk up in the gym – CLICK HERE


Thanks for all the questions – keep ’em coming!