Q&A: Gym Memberships & Orthotics For Hockey Training

Hope you are all having a great Sunday.  Ours has been fantastic – we went snowboarding at the local ski hill this morning.  I switched back to ‘regular’ and it was much better than my ‘goofy foot’ experiment.  Thanks again Steve at Squire John’s in Collingwood for the advice 🙂  It was an awesome day and I did not come close to turning into the hulk even once.

Then we came home, changed our gear and went cross country skiing (skating technique today) out to Circle R Ranch which is about a 20-minute drive from where we live – it was awesome!  I love getting outside on the weekends.  I got out for a nice x-c ski yesterday too, I shot a video and I will try to share it with you later in the week.

You can see our gear strewn all over in the photo above, I guess this is why they call it the living room!

Today’s Hockey Training Question & Answer

I dug into the Hockey Training Pro mailbox and pulled out two questions.  One asking if you really need a gym membership to do your hockey training.  The answer is absolutely NO.  Now it depends a bit what your goals are, but you can do a great goalie or hockey training routine at home with just resistance bands.  Add to that some dumbbells and a good quality stability ball and you are good to go.

Now, if you are training to go pro, then you may need some more equipment and space to do a little more agility or energy system training.  Just remember, the most important part of any program is working on the right things.  The second most important part of the program is doing it consistently.

If you really enjoy doing your hockey training at the gym, then that is something to consider.  I also have a few guys in the Elite Online Strength & Conditioning program who have access to great sport conditioning gyms and that is a nice bonus because they can push sleds and have med balls and all the toys to add a little more variety.

If you have created your own hockey training home gym – tell us about it in the comments section below.

Question #2 was about flat feet and putting orthotics in your skates.  In the video I give you two exercises you can try to help re-discover your arch.  I’m not saying don’t get orthotics, but there are a few things you might want to try before investing the money.

Hockey Training Q&A Video….


Talk soon.