Q&A: Critique Your Hockey Training Program

Today I answer your questions about off-ice hockey training.  The theme today is answering questions about home-made training programs that some of you have pieced together yourself.  I know a lot of you do this so this will help point you in the right direction.

Meeting of the MINDS

Before I get to that I want to briefly tell you about a great event I attended yesterday.  It was a concussion symposium that included Dr. Bob Cantu, MD who is one of the (if not THE) top concussion specialists out there.  He is the guy who works with the NFL to reduce the risk of concussion.

It was an amazing event followed by a Gala Dinner (yes I wore a skirt and blouse :)) which was in part a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Fowler-Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic, which is where I developed my ‘Inside Out’ approach to training athletes.  It was great to see one of my mentors, Dr. Peter Fowler, MD honored by the likes of Ron McLean and Eric Lindros.  He is a great guy and the guy who gave Steve Yzerman a chance to win that last Cup.

Anyway, more about that later… here is your Q&A

If It Ain’t Broke

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