Q&A Catch Up

What up – I am here at my Mastermind in San Diego – – which actually brought me a question too, I will tell you about it at the end…

I have been getting more and more and more email questions from hockey players looking for a bit of advice or a quick question and even some just asking me to put together some workouts that they could do on Tuesdays and Fridays to target their speed, flexibility, upper body strength – – oh yeah and fix that shoulder impingement they have had for two season…. you get the idea.

And I enjoy getting your emails AND I feel obliged to answer ALL of them.  But that is starting to take hours per day, which is not sustainable.  Because I need those hours to create new content for you, design training programs for our athletes at RevCon, run that business, design training programs for my Turning Pro coaching clients – – you can see how that time gets very precious.

BUT I have a solution, I think.  I am going to do a weekly Q&A on Facebook live where I will answer your questions on video.  It will be posted on the www.Facebook.com/GoalieTrainingPro page AND I will post it here on the blog.  Even if you don’t use “The Facebook” I am pretty sure you can still see the page because it is a public page, check it out and let me know if I am wrong (that happens sometimes ;))

So please don’t be offended if you get a reply telling you that I will answer your question during the live Q&A, I am just trying to keep up.

Here are a few tips if you need a quick answer to your question:

  • Go to your browser’s search bar and type in www.HockeyTrainingPro.com then a space and then what you are looking for, for example “www.HockeyTrainingPro.com goalie stretches” and you will very likely get an answer to your question (or part of it anyway) from content I have already created, but you somehow missed 😉
  • If you are emailing to ask why your hip, back, shoulder, etc is sore, I will very, very likely tell you to go get it assessed by a good sport physiotherapist.  There are dozens of reasons you could have any of those symptoms and it is really hard for me to guess which one is yours.
  • Don’t forget to check out www.YouTube.com/hockeytrainingproTV for loads more content, it also has a search function where you can get answers to loads of your questions.

So, to be clear.  I still want to hear from you and get your questions, I want to help.  I am trying this to see if it helps me give you better answers while letting me keep up with work.  Is that cool?  Can we give it a try?

So here are the first two live Q&A’s that you might have missed…


Okay – here is the scoop on the snarky email pointing out how I couldn’t cross the border to attend the Network Goaltending Camp a few weeks ago, but “somehow” I can get in for a trip to San Diego.

To save anyone else the bother of getting banished from HockeyTrainingPro-world 🙂 the reason I can come to San Diego for me meeting, although still held up in secondary long enough to miss my connection, is that I pay to be in the group.  In fact, I pay 5-figures to participate and learn from my coaches.  Investing in myself is something I value.  I know, just like you, that I cannot achieve my goals without getting help from the best coaches.

So the difference is that I am paying to be in the group (with receipts to prove it) AND I am not teaching or sharing my expertise.  That is the key difference.  So there you go.

Have a beauty day – the sun is just starting to brighten the sky, so I will head out now for a nice run along the water front before a full day of meetings and then an overnight flight home, where I will arrive at the Canadian border to my usual greeting > >  big hi-5 and a “Welcome home Maria” 😉  ha ha.


PS – always welcome your constructive feedback, what do you think of my new Q&A idea?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts please.