Putting this goalie workout under the microscope

Thank you to those of you who sent your programs in for review.  One of you was quick on the draw and had their program to me in under 10-minutes of me sending out that email (and I send those out pretty early in the morning).

In order to do that I know that this player actually had his workout mapped out already – so he sent me the entire plan.

Click the image below to see where you are on track (and following the wrong path)…

So there you see my thought process as I reviewed that program.   I certainly have seen worse AND at least he had a plan that he was following AND AND… at least he was doing something!

But you can also see how he is spending a lot of time and energy on exercises that are not really helping him become a better goalie AND they are adding wear and tear and increasing his risk of serious injuries like disc herniations.  I am sure he had no idea and that certainly wasn’t his intention when he put all those crunches and Russian Twists in there.

I am sure he was just following the plan that his coach passed a long and I bet whomever passed it along saw all those crunches and with the best intentions thought – “Wow – lots of core work in this, that is exactly what Jeff needs”.

I don’t expect you guys to nail it, you didn’t study this stuff at university for 6 years and then spend over 20-years to practice it.  Just like I can’t come close to doing what you guys do on the ice – that is your zone of excellence (or aspiring zone of excellence anyway).  My zone of excellence is in the gym.

Here’s a little secret…

I love Canada Day.

Even though I will spend the day training athletes in the gym, designing training programs and doing coaching calls for the goalies I training privately online, I will still celebrate the fact that I won the birthplace lottery by being born here.

Might even finish the day by catching the fireworks at the forks of the Thames in downtown (yes, London, Ontario has a Thames River too).

Anyway, to celebrate I am going to do something I don’t often do…

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OhCanada  (just like that – capital “O” and “C”, no spaces)


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I will deactivate the coupon at the end of the day Monday, July 4th.