Your Pre-Season Strength & Power Plan

If you have not been working on your strength and power during the off-season and you will be hitting the ice with your team in the next two weeks, now would not be the time to start hitting the gym hard. Instead see my advice on what goalies should do who have not been working on their speed and stamina >> It is posted here.

If you have been diligent with your workouts…

Then you should have a big smile right now. You have been following your goalie specific off-ice program, you are probably feeling great in the gym and excited for the season to start. When you have been on the ice over the last few weeks you are feeling great and can’t wait to stop shot after shot at training camp.

What you need to do is simple. Let’s say again that your training camp starts on a Friday.

Monday you will do your regular lift.

Tuesday and Wednesday you will only do two sets and lighten up your weights a little bit. You are probably in a power phase, so you will focus on accelerating the load for your explosive lifts.

Thursday you will take the day off.

Keep in mind we do a upper/lower split with lower body lifts on Monday and Wednesday and upper body lifts on Tuesday and Thursday. If you do a three day per week full body lift, you will do regular lift on Monday, only 2 sets on Wednesday and then away you go on Friday.

Listen to your body…

It is also important how YOU feel. I always ask our players how they are feeling. Do they think they would get more benefit out of a quick lift on Wednesday or would they like that day off too?

Some of them have been getting on the ice more frequently in the weeks building up to training camp, so the extra rest is exactly what they need. You will not lose any of your gains by taking a few days off before hitting training camp.