Power of accountability

It hasn’t failed me yet.

Setting up a training system that includes accountability improves results. Not sometimes, EVERY TIME.

There is a magic about it.

I see it at RevCon how our athletes develop that obligation to their coaches, fellow Team RevCon athletes and to themselves to take the actions that will help them achieve their goals.

They know when they get off track that there will typically be an uncomfortable conversation with me, that is exactly what they need to hear, but uncomfortable nonetheless. Then they get back on track and we are all very happy with the results.

We upped our game with a Dominate December Challenge with amazing results. I bet not many of you got stronger, faster and leaner through the Christmas holidays, but our crew did.

I saw how well it was working in the gym, so I spent most of my Christmas holiday setting up a 28-Day Transformation Challenge for the goalies in the Shutout Academy, it launched on January 3rd and the results have been amazing.

Goalies from all over the world sharing their goals and action steps on a weekly basis, asking for help when they need it and sharing their successes too.

The best part is that we have goalies of all ages and all levels participating and seeing great results.

Here are some of the comments after just the first week…

Screenshot 2017-01-26 08.45.19


You might think you have enough self-discipline to do it on your own, but I guarantee you will be more diligent when you are part of a motivated group.

You could also create your own accountability group. I have been a member of a few and it has helped, our coaching group at RevCon is one of the groups.

Here’s how it works:

Find at least three (I would suggest 3-5 people for an on-going group) motivated people to join you. They can be teammates, schoolmates, co-workers, whatever. But they must be motivated, so no whiners, excuse-makers or flakes (do people still say ‘flakes’?)

Either each week or each month you will meet in person or via Skype or start a private FB group and list out your top 2-3 priorities AND the action steps you will take to achieve them. You will also give yourself a reward for achieving the goal or a punishment if you do not achieve the goal. Not both, one or the other. Some people are more motivated by a punishment and some more motivated by a reward.

I usually pick a punishment, but I make it something I shouldn’t do anyway – like I won’t buy Starbucks coffee for two weeks or I will run 4 hill sprints of the Grosvenor Hill every week for a month (it is a big hill and I hate it).

If you prefer a reward, just make sure it isn’t something that will hurt you in the long run – like spending lots of money on a big treat for yourself. You could treat yourself to a movie if you hit all your goals in a month or something like that.

Each week go over your progress or your bottlenecks – it can be a pretty quick 10-15 minute meeting.

Easy enough right? Try it for at least two months and you will be amazed!

One last tip…

You need to trim the dead weight. The group is only as strong as its weakest member, if someone is constantly missing meetings, not hitting their goals or not challenging themselves with their goals, then cut them loose. Make it clear at the onset that you will be cutting deadweight and it is nothing personal.

You need a group that is going to push forward together, not a group that is going to drag a straggler along. Each member of the group will go through tough times, I’m not saying you dump them because of that. I am saying dump them when they are continually bring lazy habits to the group.

Good luck – let me know how it goes.


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