Pistol Flow For Goalies – hips, legs, core oh my!

Words pretty much cannot describe this advanced mobility drill for goalies, so you better start off by watching the video, then I will come back to give you the key points…

You will notice that I call this a Mobility Drill, which is one of the foundations of my MS3 Method of off-ice development. The “M” stands for Mobility, which is the combination of flexibility and stability.


It is mobility that lets you move athletically on the ice without suffering chronic tweaks, strains and muscle pulls.

Key Points:

• Go slowly – slower is harder
• There shouldn’t be any jerking in your movement
• Set yourself up for proper positioning (like the way I use a heel lift)
• Only do what you can do right now – don’t force it

Do This Many…

Do 2 each way as part of your mobility training. You should be doing your strategic mobility training at least 5 days per week and you can include this drill in 2-3 of those sessions.

If you don’t have a strategic mobility workout to follow, then you can get one HERE for free. Since this is a brand new mobility flow for you, it is not in the free program, just add it in every other day.