One Reason Goalies Get Hip Impingement

This is pretty hard to explain in words so you can picture exactly what I am talking about…

so I made you a video 🙂

If you cannot see the video above because you are too busy dancing to ABBA, here is the link so you can check it out later >

Please do me a favour and don’t panic about this.  If you feel like there are positions you just cannot get in.  If you get a pinch or a block on the closing side of the joint with certain stretches rather than a nice stretch on the opening side of the joint, then go get  your hips checked out by a good sport physio.

They will help you figure out why you are feeling that AND if it does happen to be due to a retroverted acetabulum, now you know and you can do your best to work around it, rather than continue trying to jam into positions that your hip just will not go.



PS – here is where to start with your off-season training