Essential Components of Off Season Hockey Training for Goaltenders

Off Season Hockey Training | Goalie Specific Phase 2

Hey Ice Hockey Goalies!

You are headed into the 2nd month of your off-season training with your sights set on leveling up your on-ice performance this fall.  Maybe you want to make the step to AAA or nab that starting goalie spot on your club team. Join Maria as she shows you how to add mass strategically, improve your work capacity and agility, and manage fatigue while maintaining precision in your off-ice goalie specific training program. Don’t miss out on expert tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Let’s break down the essential components of this months focus including:

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In this video, Maria covers the following:

  • Dynamic core stabilization,
  • Rotary control,
  • Power/speed foundation
  • Agility based stamina


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