Off Season Goalie Training | Plyometrics Level 2

Are you an ice hockey goalie and are looking for off season training  that will help maximize your speed and ability to change directions FAST?   Check out this Level 2 Plyometric video to get the explanation of the exercises.

This is a progression from Level 1 Plyometrics, so if you haven’t been working on level 1 drills yet, save this one for later and see the link below for Level 1.



If you can’t see the video above see the link at:

Here we will go through the following selection of Level 2 Plyometrics:

1) Lateral Hop + Stick – 2 count -2-4 sets of 3 each (hold 2s) 

2) Cycle Split Squat Jump – 2 Count – 2-4 sets of 3 each (hold 2s)

3) Depth Jump – 2-4 sets of 2-4 jumps

4) SL Low Hurdle Hops – forward/inside/outside – 2-4 x 3 hurdles


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