Off Season Accelerator Program – Goalie Training Q&A – 04.13.2023

Here we go with the April 13th Goalie Training Q&A edition!  It’s a quick watch but you can get important off season hockey goalie training information as Maria gives you the heads up about the Off Season Accelerator Program availability!



Take a look below at what we covered:

2:18 –  See what factors Maria considers when figuring out rep range to program for high school age goalies

4:53 –  See the follow up from last weeks question on how to improve your push while in net

5:55 – Is your goalie under 14 years old?  See what programming is available for that age group!

10:09 – Who is sad about the NHL season nearing it’s end? 🙁

12:36 – Watch email and socials for information about the off season Accelerator Program for eligible goalies

Thanks for watching!  Bonnie from the GTP team